Harkia Accountants is deeply established and provide services to UK and international clients. The word ‘Harkia’ was derived from the initials of Key personal.

Our unique name caught clients’ attention and our clients ask us about our name and history behind it and we take pride in telling the tale. Harkia accountants is locally recognised and our client’s recommend us when ever asked.

Mr H Hamad is a co-founder and a fellow member of ACCA and MAAT. Mr Hamad worked as Practice manager in top 30 UK accountancy practices and as a Group Tax Accountant in a FTSE 100 business. It was great experience to work for top accountancy positions which resulted in quick client conversions and retention, now he can utilise his skills and expertise to expand and deliver in Harkia.

Mr R Hussein is founder of Harkia Accountants and a member Chartered Certified Accountant, who believes in excellence. He is very passionate and ambitious to be his own boss. Having worked in the top UK accounting practices, he realised the potential opportunities in his own business.

Mr Hussein has an accounting background with ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, MSc and BSc Hons in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University.